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Edible cutlery is an alternative to single use cutlery which once used functionally as cutlery to eat your hot or cold meal, can further be consumed like a tasty and nutritious cookie.  

Edible cutlery is an alternative to plastic single use cutlery. Once you’ve used the cutlery for your chosen drink or meal, you can eat the cutlery like a cookie.


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Ideally it is to be eaten, but if thrown into the trash or into the environment, it easily decomposes within 30 days or gets eaten by the wildlife, which would be a nutritious snack for them.


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The Products are can be completely consumed after usage, without any waste left behind, hence it is called zero waste concept.

Yes. Only regrowable resources are used and nothing goes to waste. Our carbon footprint is significantly lower than plastic cutlery and other alternatives.


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No waste is produced, the product is garden compostable within 30 days, there is no harm to the environment and the wildlife, it’s healthy, because of its natural ingredients, it’s vegan friendly and also an excellent tasting snack.


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EATlery has a significantly lower carbon footprint than plastic single use cutlery as well as a much lower carbon footprint than the other alternatives. Plus you get excellent tasting snack at the end.


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